Key Dates

Judging Presentations

18-24 May 2016

25th WAITTA INCITE Awards Gala Presentation Dinner

24 June 2016

National iAwards Judging (Melbourne)

30 & 31 August 2016

National iAwards Awards Ceremony and Gala Dinner (Melbourne)

1 September 2016



Nominations are Closed for 2016
Information Provided is for information purposes only
The INCITE Awards is a self-nomination process.  To enter the Awards, you register as a user on our submission system, then complete the online application form with all the required details.  

Submit your entry online in 4 steps:
Questions? We are happy to help!
Call Sue McLennan at WAITTA on 0409 370 749 or

You can add or complete other entries later with a separate payment. You can continue to edit your nominations up to closing time. You must complete the payment to be eligible for judging.

STEP 1 - Register TO create an account

Log on to the WAITTA INCITE Awards nomination system 


Enter the following information to create a profile on the Awards system:

Press the Register button.

The system will send you an email asking confirmation of your registration - click the link within the email to confirm your registration.

You can update your profile or reset your password at any time.



The online nomination form has 6 tabs.  You can enter your information in stages and edit it at any time up to the closing date (even after paying your entry fee!).  The system will 'autosave' regularly.

TAB 1 - Details

1.    Enter your key personal or organisation details:

o    Category - Select the category you are entering (more than one category? - see Step 3 below)

o    Entry name - Enter your Product, Solution or Project name - EXACTLY as you want it to appear

o    Contact person for this entry

o    Contact number for this entry

o    Company, Organisation, University or School - Name of the group submitting or supporting the application

o    Applicant type - for companies, select if you are the Developer or the Customer

o    ABN - for companies, enter your ABN

o    Postal address

o    Website - link to your Product/Project page, or your organisation

o    LinkedIn - optional link to your public profile

o    Facebook - optional link to your personal, company or project FB page

o    Twitter - optional Twitter handle

2.    Joint Submission - check this box if you are making a joint developer/client submission

3.    Click Save+Next to continue, or Save to return to your Entries list.

TAB 2 - Criteria

1.    Enter the summary details of your product, solution or project:

o    50 word summary - Key pitch your Product/Solution to go on the WAITTA INCITE Awards website, program, promos, etc, should you become a finalist

o    Organisation/personal overview - Background to yourself, your company or team (if a joint submission, include both companies) (250 words)

o    Product overview - Summary of the main features (250 words)

2.    The next group of fields will vary according to the category you select - you will only see the applicable fields!  Please refer to the detailed descriptions of the criteria used for each Category on the website.  Example criteria, as follows:

o    Market Potential - Demonstrate user uptake and acceptance, understanding of the market/user base and the problem to be solved, strategy for reaching the target market/user base (350 words)

o    Quality of Solution – Underlying technology used, understanding/implementation of the user requirements, methodology used, security (350 words)

o    Innovation - Demonstrate uniqueness, complexity and creativity (350 words)

o    Benefits Realisation – Understanding of the business environment, financial benefits, social benefits and efficiencies delivered, effectiveness of the solution in delivering its stated outcomes (350 words)

3.    Final Pitch - Why should you win? (100 words)

4.    Click Save+Next to continue, or Save to return to your Entries list.

TAB 3 - Supporting Documentation

1.    Upload a High Res and Low Res Logo (JPG or PNG) for your product, organisation or school

2.    Upload any supporting documents in PDF or JPG format (max 5Mb, 5 files)

3.    Upload links to any relevant websites, videos etc - a 2-3 min video showing your product, project or solution in use is very powerful

4.    Click Save+Next to continue, or Save to return to your Entries list.

TAB 4 - Team (optional)

1.    Enter details of your other team members, such as key developers or presenters - click the button to add a new entry.

2.    Organisation.

3.    Organisation role - their role in your organisation (eg Marketing Manager, Student).

4.    Nomination role - their role in your nomination (eg Technical expert, Presenter).

5.    State, Email, Mobile.

6.    Click Save+Next to continue, or Save to return to your Entries list.

TAB 5 - Joint Organisation (optional)

1.    If you are making a joint submission, enter the details of the other organisation on this tab

2.    Click Save to return to your Entries list.

TAB 6 - Referees

1.     Provide name, title, organisation, contact number and email for 2 referees (clients or end-users).


CATEGORY (optional)

To enter another product, or the same product in another category, you can copy your existing nomination.

1. Click My Entries on the Menu bar
2. Check the checkbox beside the entry to be copied
3. Click the Copy button to create a duplicate
4. Click the entry name to edit the details (you can use the same name if you change to a new category).
5. Check the Criteria - it might be different.

Click Save to return to your Entries list.



You must complete the payment before the deadline for your entry to be included in the judging process

You may continue to edit your entry after the payment is made, up to the closing time.  Fees are payable online by credit card through our submission system.

1. Click My Entries option on the menu bar
2. Scroll to the bottom of the screen
3. Click the Submit and Pay button (if this is greyed out, you have left some 4. mandatory fields blank - edit before continuing)

The system will display the fees for all completed entries.

5. Enter your credit card details and confirm the order
6. The system will create a Tax Invoice, available from the menu bar at any time.

The application fees help offset the cost of running the INCITE Awards program. 

The fees for 2016 are as follows:

plus GST
plus GST
No Fee